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Child Car Seats & Stroller Cleanings Available!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Did you know we include cleaning your children's car seat/s in each of our detail packages for no additional charge??? This can be up to a $100 value (per seat) depending on your package. Your children's seats will get the same level of treatment as the vehicle's seats based on the package you purchased, at no extra charge! If you'd like to add a stroller to be cleaned as well, we can easily add that service for $30 per stroller.

As a reminder, we always get your permission to remove and/or clean car seats and, by law, we are unable to help you re-install your car seats. If you're not comfortable with the car seats being removed we will do our best to clean it and the seat underneath it without compromising the securely installed seat. When cleaning the car seat itself, we never disassemble it. We blow out the nooks and crannies with an air compressor and vacuum the seat; and clean out the cup holders and clean the arm rests (if plastic). If you purchase the Flawless or Exclusive package we are able to do spot treatment with a mild, diluted fabric cleaner or we are able to shampoo using the same mild cleaner and water depending on your preferences and we only use water on buckles and straps (in accordance with most major car seat brands' recommendations).

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