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Does Rain Water Damage Your Paint?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

I have been guilty of letting the rain "wash" my car wash, right?!? Well, not exactly. Rain water doesn't clean your car, at least not well leaving behind dirt and grime that was already there and can often times cause water spots to build up. Rain water evaporates leaving behind any dirt or minerals that were present in the water, resulting in water spots. While water spots are not typically harmful to your paint, just dulling the appearance; if left for an extended period of time or after multiple rains they can become harder to remove.

Then there's acid rain, which can cause problems. The EPA defines Acid Rain as "A broad term referring to a mixture of wet and dry deposition (deposited material) from the atmosphere containing higher than normal amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids." Basically, rain can sometimes contain more pollution and contaminants depending on the geographical area and weather patterns. The higher than normal acidity of the rain is different than normal water spots and can cause damage to your paint if left unattended.

The best thing to do is, not surprisingly, is to wash your car regularly; especially after rain. Does it need to be washed immediately after rain, no; but once there is a nice break in the weather it is beneficial to get it washed. Our Refresh Exterior Wash is perfect for this and includes our 2-3 month spray ceramic paint sealant. Which leads me to my next recommendation, to make sure you're protecting the exterior of your vehicle by regularly washing and having a wax or sealant applied. This will help against stubborn water spots and any acidity in the rain. If you find yourself with stubborn water spots that don't come out with a simple wash, then moving up to a detail package that includes a Clay Bar Treatment would most likely remove them completely.

We offer custom maintenance wash packages based on your needs. These are weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and include a discount in our prices as we know your vehicle is being regularly cleaned. Reach out to us today at or (469) 227-0233 to discuss your needs and set up your maintenance wash schedule!

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