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What is a Clay Bar Treatment?

Clay Bar After Removing Contaminants
Clay Bar After Removing Contaminants

Even after your vehicle has been washed it likely still has contaminants on the surface. When you run your hand across the paint and it feels rough or bumpy, those are contaminants that cannot be removed simply by washing. These contaminants can range from rail and brake dust, industrial pollution, metal particles, or overspray.

To remove the contaminants, a clay bar is used to go deep into your vehicle's surface before wax or (as is the case at Eco Car Spa) a protective sealant is applied to provide even a deeper clean as well as other benefits. All of our Detail Packages (not the Refresh or Standard wash packages) include the Clay Bar service for these added benefits. This is a HUGE value for our customers as most detailers charge $50-$75 (including us before adding it to our detail packages) for this service alone.

Benefits of Clay Bar Service:

1: Claying safely removes Above Surface Bonded Contaminants (see last slide)

2: Claying paint enables your choice of wax or paint sealant to better bond or adhere to the paint.

3: Claying paint restores a silky, smooth, clean surface.

4: Claying paint makes polishing easier, more effective and safer.

Benefits of Clay Bar, credit Autogeek
Credit- Autogeek

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